Atlas Manual

Atlas is the core programme behind RouteBuddy’s applications for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). 
These being:

  • Atlas
  • SOLO products

This manual provides information on how to install maps into the Atlas app and also guidance on how to use both Atlas and SOLO apps which are available from the iTunes store.

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Atlas Manual in pdf format

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in-App Maps

Atlas now features in-App map purchasing of a large range of Harvey, Ordnance Survey and USGS maps so that you can download a map to your iOS device without the need for a computer, all you need is a wifi connection and a little patience if the map is large!  
Please be aware that these maps  are locked to the Atlas app and your iTunes account therefore they cannot be used in RouteBuddy for your desktop. 
If you want the maps to work in RouteBuddy on a desktop computer and in Atlas for iOS devices please buy them from the RouteBuddy Store.

Topographic Maps from the RouteBuddy Store

The benefit of purchasing your Topo maps from the RouteBuddy Store is that they are created so that they will work in both RouteBuddy for Windows and Mac OS X and also in Atlas for iOS devices. 
This does mean that you need to download your Map to a Windows or Mac Computer first, you cannot download and install the map directly on to you iOS device. Please follow the instructions below for Map installation into Atlas.

  • Install RouteBuddy Atlas by downloading it from the iTunes store
  • Once you have downloaded and installed the Atlas app you can close iTunes, the process to install the map in Atlas does not involve using iTunes.
  • Download and install RouteBuddy for Windows or RouteBuddy for Mac on your computer (if it is not already installed)*
  • Download the .iso file using the URL sent to you in your purchase email.
  • Follow the instructions for map installation into RouteBuddy and reveal the .rbmap files.
  • Proceed with: Installing Maps in Atlas.

*Note: RouteBuddy ROAD maps cannot be used in Atlas for iOS. Please cache tiles from the on-line maps contained within the Atlas app for road use.


Icon Atlas Sml

The Atlas free download version is available from the iTunes store and enables you to access OpenStreetMap on-line maps and any RouteBuddy topographic off-line maps (e.g. Ordnance Survey or USGS) that you purchase either from the RouteBuddy Store or one of our approved vendors such as the Ordnance Survey Map Store. In-app map purchases are also available but these will be limited for use on only the one device to which they have been downloaded.
All maps you purchase from the RouteBuddy Store for Atlas can also be used in the desktop application RouteBuddy.


Icon Atlas Solo Sml

Atlas is the basis of RouteBuddy Solo apps available on the iTunes store which enable simple “download and go” of the application with built-in Ordnance Survey maps, negating the need to transfer maps from your computer to the application.
Please note that the built-in maps in our Solo apps cannot be used with RouteBuddy Atlas for iOS or RouteBuddy for Mac or Windows.

Installing your downloaded topographic maps in Atlas

(not available for Solo apps)

Using Atlas (for all Atlas based apps unless specifically stated)