Devices 1


USB Devices

RouteBuddy for Mac OS X and Windows can connect to a wide range of GPS devices, and from a variety of manufacturers.
Transfer and store your waypoints, routes and tracks from/to RouteBuddy/your device (depending on device storage capabilities) 

Since we started RouteBuddy many 1000's of devices have come on to the market, sadly we cannot hope to cover every one of them.
However, you can try your device with the demo software. Please follow the instructions: Using your Device in the manual.

Note: You cannot transfer RouteBuddy Topo Maps to a GPS device except for an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).
Device manufacturers e.g. Garmin, TomTom, Magellan etc., do not allow maps other than those they have sold to be stored on their devices.

Serial devices

NMEA serial device support is available (via GPSBabel) enabling both old and new serial GPS hardware support.

Data Loggers

Support is available for some data loggers.

Experience RouteBuddy Device connectivity for yourself

You can do this without the need to buy the software so Try before you Buy!
Download the free demo copy of RouteBuddy for Windows or Mac OS X, install on your Mac or PC and connect your device.
The device configuration panel will provide you with a list of devices already supported by RouteBuddy, choose from the list or report your device so that we are informed of the device you are trying to connect.

Please refer to our on-line manual for instructions on how to connect and use your GPS device.



New and expanded device recognition, with import and export features into RouteBuddy "Places" files and folders.
If a device offers auto-recognition then RouteBuddy supports it, if not then a user can now define recognition of that device for subsequent connections.

Import and Export of data from any supported device can easily, and securely, be accomplished in RouteBuddy, and on or between any supported platform running RouteBuddy software. Any data in industry-standard formats, such as GPX and KML, CSV, TomTom Itinerary, POI and LOC, which are accepted and used across the digital map world, can be imported, exported and shared.

Whilst there are thousands of different GPS devices from manufacturers around the world, RouteBuddy offers also advanced support for key proprietary elements such as: Garmin's PVT (Position, Velocity, Timing) Import / Export / Location; Import and Export from TomTom devices; Position, Import and Export from USGlobalSat devices, and many others. These you'll find listed when you plug-in your GPS and access 'DEVICES' in RouteBuddy software on Mac OS X and Windows.


Simple, clear, and functional easy-to-use visual controls in RouteBuddy give you the flexibility to connect and engage with many GPS devices.
Imported GeoData from devices or the web is now supported by a powerful new database that stores and safely backs up user data from their GPS devices.

New GPS devices on the horizon!

Over the years RouteBuddy's industry contacts have grown in number and, in the GPS hardware and software industry, we've been regular "faces" at many Expo's, as well as exhibiting where we've been able to communicate with our customers; CES in Las Vegas, CeBit in Hannover, Macworld San Francisco, AppleExpo Paris and MacExpo London, number amongst the many venues we've attended. From all of these we've been able to draw on a wealth of material and contacts, and from the very companies and professional who shape the future within this sphere.
Predictably higher-power dedicated outdoor GPS devices are being developed for release, particularly to match, or exceed, the screen handling and versatility of smartphones. It is also worthy of note that these devices, over time, will not only broaden support to offer an increased exchange of a wider variety of user-generated geodata but, amongst other new elements, will also look to offer live data feeds, be it via satellite or from cellular networks. Clearly these are exciting advances, for all outdoor GPS users, and will make history of the limited data support in historical map software which has been available to date.
RouteBuddy 3.0 has been built in readiness to absorb these technological advances in hardware and, at the same time, develop greater digital map functionality for all users of our software. 

System Requirements


Software: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Hardware: PPC or Intel Mac


Software: Windows XP SP3 or higher
Hardware: Intel