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Topo Maps

High definition Digital Topographic Maps of:

  • France - IGN
  • Great Britain - Harvey Maps
  • Great Britain - Ordnance Survey
  • U.S.A. - United States Geographical Survey (U.S.G.S.)

All RouteBuddy Topo Maps can be used with the RouteBuddy applications for both Windows and Mac OS X - as well as RouteBuddy Atlas for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices).

RouteBuddy source high-definition Topographic maps from key cartographic organisations around the world.

Check out the samples of our Topo maps using our software for Windows - Mac OS X and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch 

Click on the appropriate links below to find the maps on the RouteBuddy Store.

France - Données IGN

RouteBuddy offer 300 Digital IGN - France titles covering mainland France, Corsica and Overseas Départements and Territories (DOM-TOM) and, where possible, we offer all three map scales: 25K / 50K and 100K.

Great Britain - Harvey Maps

March 2013 sees the launch of our first collection of digital  Harvey Maps.
Starting with a selection from their popular British Mountain Map series, our new digital Harvey Maps can use all the functions and features that both the RouteBuddy mapping application for Windows and Mac OSX provide, as well as those on the RouteBuddy "Atlas" app for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch). 

Great Britain - Ordnance Survey

With nearly 1000 Digital Ordnance Survey maps available in the RouteBuddy store you can find a map for anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. Our Ordnance Survey maps are available in the scales of: 25K / 50K and 250K


Digital USGS maps are available for the 48 lower States are of the highest quality - quads seamlessly joined and unecessary artefacts removed to provide beautiful state maps for your desktop or iOS device.

* Note, these RouteBuddy versions of the USGS maps are very different to the free ones available elsewhere as none of the free maps have been corrected for safety.

Powerful and Flexible

RouteBuddy has taken the data provided to us by well respected sources and rendered it to the highest quality digital maps, providing the ability to zoom the map to a higher detail than normal when looking at a paper map. RouteBuddy's Topo maps surpass others, with pre-rendered map tiles offering a far smoother, and faster, zoom and pan. The latest collection of digital Harvey maps sits neatly alongside our range of over 700 OS Maps, our vector-based road map of Great Britain, and access to Bing aerial imagery. Similarly IGN France and USGS Topo maps also sit neatly alongside their TomTom Road map counterparts as well as Bing Aerial Imagery.
RouteBuddy software provides the unique ability to layer all of these maps so all the features on the maps are aligned - as they are all rendered to the WGS84 datum. This means that when a user generates, or imports geodata (waypoints, routes and tracks) it is layered over any of the maps they choose and users can then move between all layers, gaining the optimum perspective in utilising any of their maps for planning and analysis. RouteBuddy is a professional application providing a comprehensive range of tools for routing and tracking, adding and importing geodata, plus an excellent route and track printing function so that you only take the parts of the map that are needed en-route.

View your Topo maps from anywhere in the world in the same screen. Team this with the ability to see the same coordinates in an aerial view at the click of a button...

Layer your Topo maps.

Overlay Bing Satellite imagery to get the best from digital map route-planning.

Best Maps - Best Price - Best Value

RouteBuddy are the global leader in advanced and modern digital map software for your computer and mobile.

If you want to know more about our quality, value, service and support, as well as the advantages of using RouteBuddy then click on "Read More".


Best Maps

The way we process our raw Topo map data gives you the highest quality and usability over other vendors, it doesn't matter whether they're on the desktop or mobile platforms we are, and intend to remain, the best.
RouteBuddy's Topo maps surpass others, with pre-rendered map tiles offering a far smoother, and faster, zoom and pan. We take the raw raster map data (from any provider) reformat them all to the WGS84 datum, and by doing this extra processing work RouteBuddy users can not only view "all" the maps they own in one software application (no matter where in the world they are for) but can also layer vector road maps with them, as well as layer Satellite Imagery from Bing Maps over the map. When a users generated, or imported, geodata (waypoints, routes and tracks) is layered over any of the maps it is, uniquely, unaffected, and users can fade-in-and-out between all layers, gaining the optimum perspective in utilising any of their maps for planning and analysis.

Best Price

With a clear-pricing strategy RouteBuddy offer the best value-for-money for all of our maps.
What is never clear for map buyers, when looking for digital maps, is that "it doesn't always just come down to price alone", worse still we can see where other vendors set misleading prices. As industry leader for multi-platform digital maps we know the pitfalls, and where others shortchange the customer. Without going into tedious detail please feel free to ask us about comparing any map purchase, either via our Support link or publicly on our forum.

Best Value

Changing from one OS platform to another? Want to take your maps with you? No problem.
Want to use your Topo maps on iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch)? No problem.
Want to use your Topo maps in RouteBuddy software on all platforms, Windows, Mac OS X and iOS? Coming soon - TBA. (Subject to individual map company T&Cs.)
RouteBuddy Topo maps, lower price and greater value.

Which country do you want maps for?

Great Britain

Ordnance Survey

Traditionally most map software, especially the UK, has limited the "views" of any purchased map to "one-at-at-time"; This doesn't apply in RouteBuddy, you load all of your maps, and can view all of your maps, switch the layers between map scales, view a satellite map overlay, or even change the map layer to view a vector-based road map in order to gain perspective. As we start to offer maps from other countries then planning that long "GR hike" across european borders with the big-picture will become reality.


USGS Topo's - paid for

Other vendors digital maps suffer from artefacts (where they've been scanned at a lower resolution) resulting in missing data (as it becomes blurred) and added artefacts from the low-resolution scanning (speckling) - in contrast RouteBuddy only use the highest-resolution scans available. Nor do RouteBuddy USGS Topo maps suffer from residue, such as where items like parts of the original maps "white collars" remain and, significantly, RouteBuddy's USGS Topo maps have been checked to ensure that our scanned quads are seamless. Surprisingly maps with these faults are available from our major name competitors in the US, as well as UK ones who offer USGS map; RouteBuddy may be a growing company on the US Topo map market, but we believe paying attention to detail in our products is what gets us customers, and customers who want the best they can get in digital USGS maps.

USA - USGS Topo's - free

These maps are rubbish; Not the maps per se, but the implementation.
In simpler USGS digital map software, free and paid for, and mainly mobile, you can download USGS map "free quads". These maps are not correctly georeferenced, nor corrected for annual declination and they are shipped as they come, often with collars as well as the errors. Worse still they also suffer greatly from being large cumbersome individual files, still appearing as the original downloaded quads, therefore not seamless. Without any pre-rendering, correct georeferencing and applying the necessary corrections, then these maps are next-to-useless for anyone who needs to rely on their digital maps and software. Worse still they are dangerous to use in that condition, it's one thing using an out of date map, but use a map riddled with errors, and not correctly showing location, that can be out by up to 800 feet in the USA, then you are risking your life when out in the back-country.

At RouteBuddy we work on the detail, so you can safely enjoy the trail.

System requirements (minimum)

Software: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Hardware: PPC or Intel Mac

Software: Windows XP SP3 or higher

RouteBuddy Topo Map products that require RouteBuddy Software

OS Digital Maps (GB), USGS Digital Maps