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RouteBuddy is the only 'modern' digital map application you'll find for Windows and Apple's Mac OS X . It offers unique and advanced features and tools, that make powerful digital map use easier for all your outdoor activities.  
Get it now and try our free to use RouteBuddy demo. Click on the appropriate link on the right for your Operating System.

Please note, we are currently under negotiation with our road map data suppliers for 2014-2015 data.
Please contact and we will update you on the latest situation.


FREE! - RouteBuddy is available as a free, time unlimited demo

Before buying RouteBuddy try the demo and also check the store to find out if we have maps to suit your requirements. Below is a list of the Demo maps included with the software. 

  • USGS Topo map of Yosemite Valley
  • OSGB Topo map of the Afan Valley
  • IGN Topo map of Lac du Salagou, France
    For more details about RouteBuddy Topo Maps, please visit the Topo Maps page.
  • TomTom road map of Santa Fe
    For more details about RouteBuddy Road Maps, please visit the Road Maps page.
  • Bing Satellite imagery - layer this over maps for powerful route planning
  • Test import of geodata from your GPS devices
    Note: The Road and Topo map data contained in the demo are the maximum, defined areas we are licensed by our map data suppliers to give you free of charge. 

Any RouteBuddy Maps purchased from the RouteBuddy Store can be used with the free demo but, to unlock the complete range of RouteBuddy functions, you will need to buy a licence for the software.

Testing the software using the free demo will help you to decide if RouteBuddy is for you. However the demo limits the testing of locked functions so, whilst you are playing with the demo, please review the following pages in the manual which will help you decide whether RouteBuddy will perform the functions you are looking  for.
- Welcome to RouteBuddy
- The Get Started page
- How to use Road Maps or How to Use Topo Maps
- Create a route (please refer to Direct (Topo) Vehicle (Road) routing.
- Using Search
- Types of file you can import and export (please especially note the csv file format for import).

The RouteBuddy Manual gives comprehensive explanations about all the functions of the software but if you have any further questions please check out the FAQs before contacting support.


BUY! - RouteBuddy - how much more can I do with the licensed software?

Please note that the RouteBuddy Software comes with Demo maps only (see above) you need to choose the maps you want to use with the software from the large collections available on the RouteBuddy Store.

  • PRINT Maps and Route Cards without the big 'Demo' watermark
  • MANAGE YOUR DATA and create as many Place Files and Folders as you like
  • EXPORT GeoData - in GPX, KML, CSV, GARMIN and TomTom formats
  • IMPORT GeoData - in GPX, KML, CSV, GARMIN and TomTom formats
  • TRANSFER Waypoints, Routes and Tracks directly to/from recognised GPS devices 
  • SYNC and backup Maps and GeoData over WiFi and USB, to/from your iOS device... easy, quick and simple.
    ... and much, much more.

Buy your licence for RouteBuddy Windows or Mac OS X from our store for only £39.99

RouteBuddy Manual in pdf format

For the best viewing experience of this pdf, please save it to your desktop and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Use all your RouteBuddy Topo maps with our free App for iOS devices: RouteBuddy Atlas


Click on "Read More"...  to find out more RouteBuddy features


So many uses for this powerful desktop map software that just can't be done with any web-maps so let's take a look...

Fast, sure and powerful desktop mapping that beats all the others. Winning award after award RouteBuddy has beef voted the Outdoor Industries best and most innovative digital map software by long-distance walkers who need powerful tools, just search online to see what they use it for.

Clear and easy to use interface that brings useful and powerful features to your fingertips, many unique to RouteBuddy only.

Plotting routes and looking at walked trails is easy, overlay them as well for more information. Look at elevation, ascent, descent and lost of statistics.

Modern! We've converted all Topo maps to work with modern online satellite imagery from Bing, we do the work and you get the advantages.

Use all sorts of Topo or Road maps in the same software and then layer satellite imagery 'directly' over the top like no-one else offers for very detailed planning.

Print your maps on waterproof or normal paper. You can also change the scale of the maps for printing making it great to print a 25K map at 1:10K scale and not need glasses or a magnifier!

Just click Sync to transfer maps and geodata like Waypoints, Routes and Tracks.

Getting to work with RouteBuddy - the application sports a universal toolbar for both operating systems and features are comparable throughout:

  • Use with any of RouteBuddy's high resolution Road and Topo maps.
  • Ability to view your waypoints, routes and tracks on Road, Topo, or Satellite Imagery.
  • State-of-the-art animated layer technology.
  • Easy planning and management of geodata, Waypoints, Routes or Tracks.
  • Detailed route editing, with route styling (colour, line thickness etc).
  • Route statistics and elevation data.
  • Route Maps, Route Cards and Route Card file export
  • Plug-and-play GPS support for iPhone, iPad and many Garmin, TomTom and USGlobalSat devices.. 
  • Create a library of your GPS activities and safely backup all of your valuable maps and geodata.

RouteBuddy is a multifunctional mapping application which can seamlessly layer road, topo and satellite imagery maps providing you with an all-round experience unrivalled by any other software. It is not just a road map application, and not just a topo map application... in a nutshell it does all!

Tech talk:

RouteBuddy software is for Windows or Mac OS X - NOT  iOS Devices

For your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch then please visit our RouteBuddy Atlas page for more information.

Buy Maps

Go to our RouteBuddy Store and choose either the Road or Topo Maps you want to buy.

RouteBuddy desktop software can use Road AND Topo maps.

RouteBuddy Atlas mobile software only uses Topo maps.

Latest Version 4.2

System Requirements


  • Software: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Hardware: Intel Mac 


  • Software: Windows XP SP3 or higher
  • Hardware: Intel