Use Road Maps

RouteBuddy vector based digital road maps contain a vast amount of information so we have incorporated caching into the program so that, each time you access the same part of a map, rendering will become quicker. Please do not expect at the outset for these large maps to render as quickly as, for example, Google on-line maps. This is an off-line mapping application which needs to build a cache suited to your needs.

For the larger maps such as USA, Western Europe, you will find that rendering speeds improve with use. If the map has not fully rendered in the map window please be patient, performing multiple commands believing you can do something or escape whilst rendering is taking place can cause the program to hang.
Enabling only those maps you want to show and use also helps with rendering speed. If you have purchased USA West, Central and East only enable the area you need to work with. 

For more information on how move the map, use search, add waypoints routes and tracks etc., please refer to the relevant How to... section of this manual.